Micro Deburring Tools Micro Deburring Tools for smaller sized holes of medical, automotive and electronic applications demanding continually. RBT’s Micro Deburring Tools features are inexpensive, replaceable cartridges which include the arbor and blade, and a holder which accommodates all the different cartridges. The Micro Deburring Tools can be set differently in order to deburr various sizes of deburring lags, both sides of even the smallest of holes in one pass. The two-piece construction allows you to remove and replace a cartridge conveniently. The Micro Deburring Tools can be used in both CNC machines as well as hand drills – special adjustments are not required. Features: • Easy to use on all machines • Changing the direction of the rotation is not required • Cost-efficient tools and spare blades • Easy replacement and long service life of the blades • Deburring thickness adjustable via spring tension • Solutions for various applications realizable • Standard tools from Ø 2,0 to Ø 50,0 from stock BURRAWAY – universal deburring tools

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