Applications of Roller Burnishing Tools

Roller Burnishing Tools are being used in sectors like Aircraft, Defence, Automobile, Spacecraft, Railways, Textile, Machine Tool, Motors and Pump Industry, Hydraulic and Pneumatic Farm Equipment, Home Appliances etc., and areas where close tolerance and superior surface finish is required.


GM / Bronze Bushes Master Cylinder
Bearing Bushes Brake Cylinder
Bearing Housing Connecting Rod
Motor end cover Piston Rod        
End Shields Valve Rod
Rotor Stamping (ID) Valve Guide
Fan rotor Shaft Rocker Arm
Mixie / Fan Shaft Pipes
Hydraulic Cylinder Long Holes, etc
Pneumatic Cylinder Piston
Ring bushings Gas valve
Gears Joints
Air hammer parts Solenoid valve
Connecting rod Motor stators
Hole of piston housing Shock absorber
Cardan shafts Carburetors