What are the problems to be paid attention to in using RBT deep hole roller burnishing tool?

What are the problems to be paid attention to in using RBT deep hole roller burnishing tool?

What is a deep hole?

In most cases, L/d is greater than or equal to 100.

Such as cylinder bore, shaft axial oil hole, hollow main shaft hole and hydraulic valve hole and so on. Some of these holes require high machining accuracy and surface quality, and some of the processed materials have poor machinability.

As we all know, for burnishing large diameter and deep hole, there are some difficulties in following:

  • If the cutter body is long, also there is high requirement for radial runout of clamping tool.
  • For cooling system, there is an inner-cooling device in the tool, so there are high requirements for equipment.
  • High requirement for equipment rigidity
  • Chip removal difficult

Problems that should be paid attention to when roller burnishing tool is used for deep hole processing.

Process dosage during rolling: Vc=20 ~ 100m/min, f=0.2 ~ 0.5mm/r, and rolling surplus is 0.05 ~ 0.15mm. Lubricant is mechanical oil.

Pay attention to the problem: the workpiece must be cleaned before rolling; Interference should be flexibly mastered, that is, the workpiece material has high hardness, thin wall, low original surface roughness, and its interference is smaller. The opposite is bigger.

Above all, RBT recommend deep hole blind hole roller burnishing tool, which the picture of real product in following:

What are the problems to be paid attention to in using RBT deep hole roller burnishing tool?

RBT deep metal blind hole roller burnishing tool


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Recognize the structure of roller burnishing tool

Recognize the structure of roller burnishing tool

In the process of many industrial machinery, we will use a variety of mechanical equipment and tools, without these tools, our work can not be carried out smoothly. Roller burnishing tool is an important tool.

What about the structure of roller burnishing tool? How does it work?

Description of Internal Diameter Roller Burnishing Tool

This is what everyone is concerned about. Now let’s understand the structure and composition of the roller blade, as well as the relevant matters needing attention during its use. Roller burnishing tool adopts combined type, and different models are selected according to the length of each workpiece, number and position of annular groove. Roller burnishing tool consists of roller blade and sleeve, which is locked with nut. The entire knife body is placed in the holes of the left and right wall panels. Right and left wall board hole is open close type, namely half side hole is on wall board, another half side hole is on right and left pressing board. The left and right bearings are sliding bearings that are equally divided into two halves to facilitate the loading and unloading of the mounting roller blades and sleeves. The right and left press-plates press the rolling cutter body onto the wallboard and fix it with screws. The swing arm rotating shaft, driving shaft and eccentric shaft are installed on a pair of wallboard. Adopt double eccentric shaft top and right swing arm to make the work smooth. The workpiece positioning is fixed on the middle pinion shaft, which can be adjusted to make sure the workpiece is in the right position. Roller burnishing tool is made of alloy tool steel Cr12MoV and quenched to HRC58 ~ 60. The user requires the service life to be able to process 100,000 workpieces. In fact, the service life is more than 3 times as expected. The roller is made of 45 steel, hardened to about HRC45, and its working life is much longer than that of the knife.

RBT roller burnishing tool has strict requirements from material selection to processing, so that the product quality can be guaranteed. If you want to buy the products such as roller cutter and roller tool, you are welcome to come to our company to choose. Our products are of good quality and the price is also very good.

What is the process of Roller Burnishing and its advantages?

What’s the processing principle of roller burnishing tools?

Schematic representation of roller burnishing process.

Schematic representation of  burnishing process.

The roller burnishing tools works like a road roller flattening the uneven road.
Roller burnishing tool is to use very smooth roller rolling by processing the surface of the metal, the workpiece performance high extrusion convex parts to dips, so that the machining surface smooth as a mirror effect, this is a kind of plastic processing.
The surface roughness of workpiece is up from Ry1.6-3.2 um to Ry0.1-0.2 um, and improve the processing surface hardness, wear resistance, corrosion resistance, sealing, etc., to eliminate early wear, these have the advantage of machining cannot be replaced.
The rolling tool has a fine tuning device. The adjustment coefficient of each small grid is 0.0025mm, and the total adjustment range is 0.3mm-0.4mm. Therefore, the precision of the processed dimension is also improved accordingly.

The control method of roller burnishing tools

1. Measuring the burnishing tool’s diameter with micrometer.
2. Push the calibrated set to the handle and rotate it at the same time, adjust the diameter of the tool, reduce the left rotation, and increase the right rotation, each scale value is 0.0025mm.
3. When the diameter is adjusted, release the aluminum shell and automatically lock the diameter.
4. When machining blind holes and step holes, the bottom is about 0.5mm-1.0mm cannot be machined. The needle can lightly touch the bottom of the hole.

Processing equipment

We are roller burnishing tools suppliers. RBT roller burnishing tools are suitable for common drilling machine, lathe, boring machine and machining center.
The clamping forms of tools include: straight shank and Morse taper shank. It can also be made according to customer needs.

Our Roller Burnishing Tools are made using high-grade raw material, at the vendors’ end. Our product range is highly demanded in the market for its hassle-free work performance the users’ premises.

If you do not know how to choose the model of the burnishing tools, you can contact us. We have professional customer service staff to help you find the most suitable product.