How to apply double rod roller burnishing tool in the thin-walled tube processing

How to apply double rod roller burnishing tool in the thin-walled tube processing?

The pipe fitting is required to have sufficient wall thickness when rolling with the roller burnishing tool. Its wall thickness should be based on the unilateral calculation, according to different material hardness to the wall thickness requirement also has the difference. The wall thickness of the steel parts can be thinner than 2mm, while the copper aluminum needs more than 3mm. If the wall is too thin, it will cause deformation of the workpiece, the force is uneven, and even the compressive stress will break the damage.

How to apply double rod roller burnishing tool in the thin-walled tube processing

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Among RBT customers, some of them need to process thin stainless steel flow orifice plates (figure 1).

Because the thickness of the flow orifice plate is very thin and the machining rigidity is very poor, it is very difficult to meet the requirement of form tolerance and surface roughness by adopting conventional machining method. To this end, we adopt three kinds of double rod roller burnishing tools, which can solve the problem of insufficient rigidity.

What is the process of Roller Burnishing and its advantages?

What’s the processing principle of roller burnishing tools?

Schematic representation of roller burnishing process.

Schematic representation of  burnishing process.

The roller burnishing tools works like a road roller flattening the uneven road.
Roller burnishing tool is to use very smooth roller rolling by processing the surface of the metal, the workpiece performance high extrusion convex parts to dips, so that the machining surface smooth as a mirror effect, this is a kind of plastic processing.
The surface roughness of workpiece is up from Ry1.6-3.2 um to Ry0.1-0.2 um, and improve the processing surface hardness, wear resistance, corrosion resistance, sealing, etc., to eliminate early wear, these have the advantage of machining cannot be replaced.
The rolling tool has a fine tuning device. The adjustment coefficient of each small grid is 0.0025mm, and the total adjustment range is 0.3mm-0.4mm. Therefore, the precision of the processed dimension is also improved accordingly.

The control method of roller burnishing tools

1. Measuring the burnishing tool’s diameter with micrometer.
2. Push the calibrated set to the handle and rotate it at the same time, adjust the diameter of the tool, reduce the left rotation, and increase the right rotation, each scale value is 0.0025mm.
3. When the diameter is adjusted, release the aluminum shell and automatically lock the diameter.
4. When machining blind holes and step holes, the bottom is about 0.5mm-1.0mm cannot be machined. The needle can lightly touch the bottom of the hole.

Processing equipment

We are roller burnishing tools suppliers. RBT roller burnishing tools are suitable for common drilling machine, lathe, boring machine and machining center.
The clamping forms of tools include: straight shank and Morse taper shank. It can also be made according to customer needs.

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