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How to use groove single roller burnishing tool?

Single Roller Burnishing Tool:

External groove single roller tool with built-in pressure regulator (with elastic force). It is installed on the lathe for precision processing in the external groove, and is often used for shaft, cylinder seal ring and other processing.

Groove single roller tool can process the shape of different grooves by changing the shape of the wheel, such as outer sealing groove surface, R surface (inner R and outer R), inclined surface and so on.

Single Roller Burnishing Tool Operation Method:

  1. Select the suitable outer groove rolling tool or inner groove rolling tool, and install the tool mounting clamping part on the tool holder of the machine tool equipment.
  2. Make tool head fit with workpiece axis and groove center.
  3. The outer groove rolling tool design is equipped with a spring pressure regulating device, whose floating range is between 0.2mm ~ 0.4mm.
  4. For the best effect, please choose the appropriate roll pressure.