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Characteristics and performance of single roller burnishing tool

External groove single rolling type

Precise processing for external groove, such as external sealing ring of shafts and cylinder. Through changing rolling wheel shape, the tool may process external diameter with large size, prick, end, and R section.


Internal groove single rolling type

Precision inner groove rolling process for inner hole, used on lathe, such as inner groove sealing ring of oil cylinder.

By changing the shape of the roller, the groove of different shapes and the end face of inner diameter can be processed, such as inner sealing groove surface, R surface (inner R and outer R), inclined surface and so on for burnishing rolling.


Single roller burnishing tool’s performance:

  1. This tool can be used on general lathes, CNC series machine tools, processing centers and other equipment.
  2. It is applicable to the processing of outer groove and inner groove of all kinds of metal parts with hardness less than HRC40.
  3. Machining scope: the minimum groove width is 1.0mm, the groove depth is less than 20MM, the outer groove width is unlimited, and the hole diameter of the inner hole is greater than 25mm.
  4. After one-time processing, the surface roughness of the parts can reach ra0.2um.
  5. It can also be customized according to user requirements and machine tool specifications.


Operation method of single roller burnishing tools:

  1. Select the appropriate external groove single roller burnishing tools and internal groove single roller burnishing tools, and attach the tool mounting clamping part to the tool holder of the machine tool equipment.
  2. Make tool head fit with workpiece axis and groove center.
  3. The design of external groove single roller burnishing tools is equipped with a spring pressure regulating device, whose floating range is between 0.2mm and 0.4mm.
  4. For the best effect, please choose the appropriate roll pressure.